Buick 1963: (Harrasteajoneuvo Pick Nick, Forssa 1997)
Buick Invicta 1960: Put your Buick lower to the ground, paint it and add some pinstripes and you got yourself a good looking lowrider. (Happy Days Car Show, Helsinki 1997)
Buick "Matta Bros." Special Convertible Coupe 1953: After straightening all the dents, the car got some kustom-look with cruiserskirts, lakes pipes and spotlights. Owner found Fiesta hubcaps from Winfield's Kustom Shop on his trip to the States. After the changes the car looked like in the second picture from the right. Soon the original front bumper was replaced with '55 Cadillac bumper (second pic from the left). The next step was to replace chevy '60 taillights with lights from '56 Packard. The car was also painted black. (American Car Show, Helsinki 1997 and Hot Rod & Rock Show, Tampere 1995 and Hot Rod & Rock Show, Tampere 1999)

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