Cadillac 1955: This Caddy has original body, but the paint really makes her to draw attention among all the shining Cadillacs. Also the pinstrips make her a great kustom. (Harrasteajoneuvo Pick Nick, Forssa 1997)
Cadillac Fleetwood 60 Special 1960: You can't get Caddy look any better, can you. Jari Kilkki made his Caddy as LOW as it can go. Caddy is chopped 4 inches and the ride height is at the minimum. The shocks work with air pressure and Caddy gets 30 cm (12 inches) higher by only pressing a button on the dash. (Harrasteajoneuvo Pick Nick, Forssa 1997 and Happy Days Car Show, Vantaa 1996)
Cadillac Town Sedan 1962: Cadillac with flames and tube grille isn't the most common thing to see here in Finland. It's great that somebody really puts their imagination fly with these luxury cars. (Hot Rod & Rock Show, Tampere 1995)
Cadylacsaurus Eldorex: Cadillac Club of Finland brought a Cadylacsaurus Eldorex to the ACS '99. (American Car Show, Helsinki 1999)
Cadillac Convertible 1965: Adding flames to a '65 Cadillac makes her a really good looking cruiser. Also check out the steering wheel. (American Car Show, Helsinki 1999)
Cadillac 1959: Very well painted scallops and this '59 looks tentimes better than original one.(Harrasteajoneuvo Pick Nick, Forssa 1999)

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