My 1962 Chrysler New Yorker 4d:

I bought the car 5th of august in 1996 from a friend at summer work, who's building Harley Davidson motorcycles nowadays (Thank god). He made the car look NOT so good as you can see in the first two pictures (actually it looks much better in the pictures) and it was only gettin' worse in his hands.


Here's the car a day before I
bought her. I drove her to
Pick-Nick in Forssa in 1996
to see how the car worked.
We got back home with no
troubles and it was good
enough for me.
Although the car looked like a
real piece of shit only changing
some hoses and a lot of oil in
the trunk (thirsty TF-727) kept
it on the road for the rest of the
The winter of 1996 / 1997
went quickly while repairing
(actually learning how to repair)
the car. My mother's friend at
work rented us some room in
his garage.
Here's the
happy owner
on a break when
cleaning and
painting the
The year 1997
went in the army
and Harri (in the
picture) did
most of the
repairing during
that time.
In the spring of 1997 Harri (my
dad) repaired among other
things the brakes and he is on
a test drive in the picture.
Removing the cromeparts with
Janne before the painting in the
spring of 1998.
You can buy plates with your
own text but you can use only
2 or 3 letters and numbers in
them. She got quite good
combination with these
non-bought ones.
Harri painted the checkered
cruiserskirts while rest of the
car got new paint by don't
even remember who.
Local newspaper had "The
best summer car" contest in
Tampere. The best cars got
their picture into the paper and
Chrysler was there too, but
for some reason readers didn't
choose it to be the winner :)
My little sister Jutta and brother
Janne (also the name of my two
friends appearing in the pages
is Janne) are enjoying of the
nice summer day in Forssa
Waking her up
after the winter
of '98/'99 and
installing the
repaired power
steering pump.
As soon as I get the money
and the skill, she'll look like
this. More "computer
kustomized" cars in the art
section of the gallery.

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