FORD 1932: The law here in Finland isn't too good for those who like cars like this one. There has to be some kind of fenders or you get no license plates. Also when doing modification, 50 % of original parts must remain or you'll have to pay high taxes. This car has those 50 % (no fenders), but it's impossible to build hot rods with fiberglass bodies here in Finland. It would certainly be a dream come true if finnish rodders could someday build hot rods using aftermarket parts like in the States. (Happy Days Car Show, Vantaa 1996)
FORD "HELLFIRE II" CUSTOM 1951: The car is chopped and it has grille from '56 Desoto. (Power Meet, Hämeenlinna 1993)
FORD ROADSTER 1931/1932: This one is equipped with Chevy small block and TH-350 automatic. The chassic is build with full TCI package.
FORD TUDOR 1939: Niice flamed '39 Ford with 327 cid Chevy engine and TH-350. (Harrasteajoneuvo Pick Nick, Forssa 1997)
Ford Roadster 1928/1932: This beauty is from Sweden. The 312 Y-block is from a '56 Thunderbird and the 3-speed transmission is from a '54 Ford. The newest part used in this car is from 1958. (Hot Rod & Rock Show, Tampere 1999)
Ford Roadster 1932:  More than 300 horsepowers from 392 Hemi makes the rear wheels burn quite easily. I hate to admit that Hot Rods from Sweden look much better than the ones from Finland. But it isn't about the skills, it's about the laws. (Hot Rod & Rock Show, Tampere 1999)
Ford Coupe 1932: This wild 5 window Coupe '32 was also from Sweden. (Hot Rod & Rock Show, Tampere 1999)
Ford 1955: Mikko Kouvo's mild custom (Himos Summer Meet, Himos 1999)
Ford 1937: (Himos Summer Meet, Himos 1999)

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