Janne & Janne (not related) are both beginners in hot rodding, just like me. Here are some pictures of their cars and projects. The younger Janne also tells something about the history of finnish american car culture.

Janne has sold his Caprice and now owns this Plymouth Fury Custom '75. The pictures above show the painting job with great flames that Janne did to the car. The first two pictures below show the car at Himos Summer Meet 2000 and the last two at Forssa Pick-Nick Cruising 2000.
Some "thing" blocking the nice view. The happy owner. Waiting for the night cruising... breakfast time.
The younger Janne does not even have driver's license yet, but he already owns this good looking Caprice, which he is planning to paint soon. Although she isn't a kustom car from 50's or 60's, she's a great car to cruise with (I've driven her a lot) in the winter time when it's 20 or even 30 degrees below zero. In the 60's when Janne's father was as young as I am now he was also into american cars (and he still is). Janne wrote a great story of his father's youth and you can read about it from here (I'm sorry but it's only in finnish for now). The cars mentioned in the text are the ones below.
Here is Janne's father on the
right and Chevrolet Bel Air.
Enthusiasm towards american
cars is inheritable.
  '59 Ford Custom 4d Sedan.   Ford was kept in much better
condition than the Mercury.
Unfortunately both Mercury
and Ford were eventually
  51' Mercury Sport Sedan that
Janne's father bought with his
friends in '64. The price was
600 FIM (120 Dollars).
  Mercury looked little strange.
She was painted sky blue and
the bumpers were red. She
also had 5 antennas.
Some people in the sixties
tought that Mercury was ugly
and sometimes girls said that
they aren't going to ride in a
  The rocker panel is a little bit
scraped after sliding off the
  Tepa and 62' Plymouth

The older Janne isn't either drivin' an american car at the moment, though he already owns the license. He's planning to buy '65 Chevy and he has got an interesting project coming up. Here are some pictures of her.
Maybe hard to recognize. She
is very rare Chrysler Windsor
Limousine '50.
  30 years under the sky and it
  Sooo long that she doesn't even
fit in one picture.
Almost ready for
road ;)
  The crome
shines no more.

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