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My site is simply a collection of american car pictures I've taken, some hot rod art I've made and also introduces the cars my friends and family have. Visitors can also send pics and info of their own cars.

I hope everyone enjoys what my pages have to offer and I'm glad to hear improvement suggestions and comments from you. And I guess the pages are full of false info and bad english. If and when you find them, please report them to me. Thank you!

News / updates:

- 15-07-2006 Rusting treasures gallery opened
- 29-06-2006 Do-Dads Offbeat Weekend 2005 pictures added
- 25-06-2006 Rock 'n' Roll Jamboree pictures added
- 18-06-2006 V8 Himos Summer Meet pictures added
17-04-2006 Hot Rod & Rock Show pictures added

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