Here you can find some hot rod and kustom car pictures, that I've done either with pencil or with my computer.


I kustomized this convertible Dodge with my computer.
I added chopped carson top, lakes pipes, continental kit, fenderskirts and new hubcaps to the front wheels. I also painted it red. Original picture from G.McDowell's Auto Hobby Page
Believe it or not, but this car
was '59 Edsel Corsair
before my kustomizing.
At first I was going to draw this
Ford cruising down open road,
but it came out something totally
No matter what they say, those
little green men didn't come with
flying saucers. Here's the proof..
Oldsmobile 1950 Two police cars chasing a '57
Ford rod in front of a Drive-in.
Lakes pipes, taillights lower that usual, modified front line of rear fender, kustom rear bumber and chop top. Few ways to make '53 Cadillac look good.
The fuel prices in Finland went
up once again. It gets pretty
hard for your hair to fill up
these days.
Problems with the space
hot rod.
Somewhere in South Mexico
at Carrera PanAmericana
road-race crazy man taking
dangerous pictures and
someone is trying to help him.
HOOOOOOT ROOOOD! Real steel vs. plastic and billet. It's great to have good brakes,
isn't it.
Going as fast as possible at
Salt Lake City.

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