People who have visited my site have send these pictures of their cars. Please keep on sending them.

Chevrolet Impala '63: Mikko Huittinen (from Finland) send me pictures of his Chevrolet. He owned the car for nearly 6 years and built her to original condition during that time. (American Car Show, Helsinki 1998)

Chevrolet Corvettes ('64, '66 & '67), Plymouth Satellite '65 and AMX '68: Gary Johnson (from Northern Minnesota, USA) send this picture of his cars and here's the information about them in his own words:  One is of my 65 Plymouth Satellite. The other pictures are of the 3 Vette's I've owned, I still have the blue '66, but it hasn't been driven for some years. Its a 327, 350 horse 4 speed with both tops (I had both tops for all three). The '67 was a 427, 390 horse 4 speed, and the '64 (the one in primer and with the little girl) was a 327, 365 horse 4 speed. As you can see, the '64 and '67 were drivern in winter as they were my only cars at the time. There's also the '64 Chrysler New Yorker of my mother's in one photo. The other car was my '68 AMX, 390, 325 horse 4 speed with my '69 Yamaha DT1, 250cc bike on the back.

Chevrolet Caprice Classic STW: Risto M. (from Finland) send these pictures of his STW with fenderskirts and continental kit.

Ford Thunderbird '60: Sebastian Naumanen (from Finland) send this picture of his brother's (Mika Uusimäki) '60 Thunderbird. The car was brought to Finland in 1960 for the use of US embassy. Under the hood is a 352-inch engine with automatic transmission.

Chevrolet El Camino SS454 '72 (with '70 front end): Karri Anttila bought the car in spring of year 2000. He replaced the Olds 455cid with proper 454cid engine, fixed the glass fibre hood and installed new door sealings. At the same time he fitted th400 transmission and 12bolt locker with 4.11 gears.

Timo Terho send me these...Dodge D-100 pick-up '72: The roof of Timo's own car has been turned into a removable
one. Dodge runs with
318cid + 727 transmission and 8 3/4 rear. The car is a former NATO-car and the truck bed has been
built here in Finland. Plymouth Belvedere '65: The car has originally been built by Mikko Härkönen from Pori. Timo's
friend Riku Inkinen from Harjavalta owns the car now. The car is chopped a bit over 3 inches and lowered by adjusting the
front springs and using lowering blocks at the back. Under the hood sings a 318cid connected to 727 and 8 3/4 differential.
Plymouth Fury Convertible '60: Mikko Härkönen owns this Fury which is now under restoration and should be
ready for summer 2001. Fury also runs with...guess what...yeah...
318 + 727 + 8 3/4 :)

Ford Fairlane 500 Galaxie '59 & Chrysler Windsor '58: The Ford was imported from Arizona in 1990 and Kimmo Kamppinen (who send the pics) bought it in 1993. The restoration took 3 years and included all the "normal" measures (new paint, renovated engine room and trunk, fixed up engine and transmission etc.). After restoration the car has been driven over 10000 miles.

The Chrysler is owned by Kimmo's father. They brought it in the spring of '99. The car has been imported from California in '88 in and it was already in very good condition when Kamppinens got it. The car has been painted here in Finland and upholstery of the seats has been changed. Also some of the crome parts have been redoed. The engine is 354 Spitfire which means that it's based on Hemi block and it's equipped with normal cylinder heads. The transmission is Torqueflite with pushbuttons. It's also outfitted with boosted brakes, power steering and electric windows.

Chevrolet Bel Air 4dr. Sedan '61: Martijn Weyts (Rolling Dices car club) from Rotterdam, Netherlands sent this pic of his fine Chevy. He shaved the car and added 18 inch and 20 inch wheels on it. The car was first white, now it is Brilliant Silver with uv-filter.

Chrysler 300 '55: Ronald Davis sent pics of two of his race cars. He has three of these cars and all are set up for the Mexican road race. Cars have full roll cage, fuel cells and disc brakes. Two cars have original Hemi engines, and one car has modern Dodge V8. The white car has done the pikes peak hill climb in 1997 and the red car was his first Mexican road race car and ran in 1994, 1995 and 2000.

Mercury 1949: From British Columbia, Canada come these pics of Barry Watson's cool Merc.

Mercury 1950 4d: Bryan
Barts sent pics of his
extremely interesting looking
Mercury-project. He has now
chopped the car. He did a
great choice and kept it 4d!

Chevrolet '54: Tony Bajaras sent this pic of his father in laws (Robert Acosta from Hayward California) kustom Chevy. The car has been changed a lot, including '41 Cadillac hood and grille, '56 Cadillac front bumber, '56 Packard taillights and '49 Mercury back window. It's runs with 350 engine and turbo 350 tranny.

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